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Canine Water Safety.

With summer here water sports are back. Many dogs enjoy going for a swim as much as their owners. There are a few things to keep in mind to protect your dog around water. While many dogs are great water dogs, you want to keep an eye on them in the water. Some dogs will overexert themselves in the water a consequently have troubles. Also, be aware of your dog’s health, if they are overweight, or getting a little older realize they may have more trouble in the water than they’ve had in the past.

If your dog swims in your pool, make sure he know how to get himself out of the pool. Also, rinse him of after his swim. The chemicals in a pool can cause skin irritations. Similarly if your dog swims in a pond or lake, rinsing him off is suggested. Some dogs have allergic reactions to things in a pond or lake, and it can often be very difficult determining exactly what the allergen is. Rinsing them off may help prevent this situation. Be aware that a wet dog is more susceptible to sunburn. Also, drying out the ears can help prevent infections. If your dog is susceptible to ear infections, you may want to give them eardrops to clean out the ear and keep the infections away.

If you take your dog boating with you there are a few more suggestions. As with a swimming pool, when your dog is swimming make sure he has a way to get himself out of the water. Consider a doggy life preserver too. This can keep your pet safe in unforeseen circumstances. A life preserver can be useful in a variety of situations, whether your dog has to swim for an extended period of time, or if he is not a strong swimmer. A little planning can make water sports fun and safe for you and your pup.



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