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Preparing Pets for Winter.

An important part of preparing pets for winter is ensuring they have proper shelter to keep them warm and dry when the weather gets cold. Shelter is one of a pet’s most basic needs. It is wise to keep pets inside particularly when temperatures drop and during inclement weather. While there are a few breeds like huskies that fair well in cold weather, most need help staying warm. It is particularly important pets stay dry as well as warm because if a pet gets wet they are much more susceptible to getting chilled or hypothermic even when temperatures aren’t frigid. However, there are other winter preparations too. It can be tough to ensure that pet gets enough exercise when it is bitter cold, as neither pets nor people want to spend much time outside. Particularly for dogs that exercise outdoors, finding games that can be played inside can help a dog burn off some of that pent up energy and can be good for their health and their demeanor.

This is also holiday season which often give pets access to foods they shouldn’t eat. Whether it is Halloween candy, Christmas cookies, or leftover Thanksgiving turkey bones there are dangers to pets eating these foods. The consequences can range from mild to serious. Many of these foods will give ones pet a belly ache, but there is the potential for serious health problems if turkey/chicken bones or chocolate is eaten. Another risk is holiday decorations. Ornaments can easily be viewed as cat toys, and plants like poinsettias can look like something good to munch on, but cause significant digestive troubles. There is a risk that anything breakable could be knocked over by paws or tales. With cats be particularly aware of items with string as this is particularly enticing, yet can cause significant problems if swallowed. Puppies and holiday decorations can also be a bad mix as an eager puppy is not only more prone to knock things over, but may see just about any decoration or Christmas tree as a chew toy. Another perennial warning about pets and the winter is keeping anti-freeze safely away from all pets. It has a sweat taste that entices them yet is extremely toxic, and even a small quantity ingested can be lethal. A few basic preparations will help make your pet’s winter a happy one.





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