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Dog Itch Care

There are several common causes of itching and scratching in dogs. The following is intended as a guide to the most common dog skin and itch problems.

General itching: Dog itches and scratches skin regularly, but doesn't show visible signs of a problem, and doesn't scratch any specific area. This type of itching can often be rectified by improving the dog's diet and adding omega fatty acids to the diet. Also, the dog should be checked for fleas and ticks. Fleas and ticks can be more localized, but are another common source of general itching.

Euca-Loba Sensitive Skin Itch & Allergy Shampoo - Relieves general itching and excellent for dogs with allergies and/or hot spots

Dr. Dog Skin Care for Dogs - Treats and relieves pet's itching.


Dr. Dog Oat-Nella Insect Repellent Shampoo

Dr. Dog Bug 'N Out - Natural insect repellent prevents itchy bug bites.

Persistent itching: Scratching is persistent, dog may have a tendancy to scratch particular spots, but visible signs of a problem are minor to non-existant. Thinning fur or flakey skin are common. This type of itching is often associated with allergies. The severity of an allergy can range greatly from dog to dog. In lesser cases switching to natural foods and care products can remedy the problem. In severe cases medicine along with environmental changes are needed. Your vet is an excellent resource if you believe your pet has allergies.

Allergy Information Section

Allergy, Skin & Itch Care Products

Chronic localized itching: Itching that is chronic or painful to your dog that appears as a skin infection may be a hot spot. A hot spot will be warm to the touch, painful to your dog and will emit pus and smell badly. Hair will usually fall out from the infected area. Because this condition is so itchy, painful and irritating the dog will usually bite and scratch the area further spreading the infection.

Dr. Dog Skin Care for Dogs - Dog Hot Spot treatment and Itch relief

Chronic/Severe itching: One of the most common severe itching problems for dogs is mange. Mange is cause by microscopic mites. A dog will experience intense itching. Outbreaks often occur around the ears, elbows and face. The skin starts out crusty and scab-like and becomes thick and dark. A skin scraping is needed by your vet to confirm diagnosis. Proper medication and treatment should also be prescribed by your vet. There are some other severe itching problems such as fungal infections. They are less common, but also require a vet's attention.


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