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Dog Yellow Grass - Lawn Care

A common problem for dog owners with homes and lawns is dog urine killing grass. Unfortunately, the amonia in cat or dog urine can kill grass damaging ones nicely manicured lawn. There are three basic strategies for solving this problem. First, keep the dog from relieving itself on the lawn. This is a matter of training a dog where the 'appropriate spot' to go is. The second strategy is to fix the lawn once damaged. There are a couple of ways to do this. There are sprays that help repair and cover up the brown spots on the grass. Also there are patches that can be used to fixed the affected area. Finally, the solution that many pet owners are unaware of is supplements/treats given to dogs to make their dog's urine far less damaging. Basically these products, like Green Grass Guard, naturally bind with dog urine reducing its harmful effects. There are different products that do this, the natural ones such as Green Grass Guard and Lawn Aid are completely harmless to your pet, and do not effect kidney or liver function in any way. This is typically the easiest fix for fixing yellow grass caused by ones dogs.



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